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T-Spirit the Poet


Tracy ( T-Spirit) Stanton is a Highly Featured International SpokenWord Artist, Trainer/Workshop Facilitator, Well-Being Coach, Speaker, Project Manager and Event Producer.  Tracy (T-Spirit) Stanton is also a survivor of many things including the predatory prison industrial complex, St. Louis City streets, racial capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, substance use, trauma, and herself. At 5 years post-incarceration and 6 years clean from all mood and mind-altering substances this compassionate, fiery, bold, energetic, beam of love and light has turned her tragedies into triumphs, made significant changes in her life, the lives of many, and  society at large. She deeply understands the need for connection, collective liberation, and creative expression. Poetry has always been a tool for transformation, liberation and resistance. She is merely carrying on a legacy.

She also serves as the Director of Movement Building and Storytelling with the Freedom Community Center which is a Black Led organization that is building a movement of survivors that are intervening in interpersonal and systemic violence while creatively designing systems of safety that do not involve the state. She is a circle keeper, healer, organizer and trainer who has facilitated well over 50 community organizing meetings ( black only spaces) and hosted a plethora of all inclusive workshops & trainings inside and outside of the country addressing topics such as : systemic violence, movement building, transformative justice, racial capitalism, abolition, emotional suppression, anxiety, inner criticism, self defeating thoughts, emotional regulation, and much more. 

T-Spirit the poet has appeared in the St. Louis American, Riverfront Times, STLMAG, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and on KSDK.  She has also been acknowledged in the Washington Post, New York Times,, Riverfront Times, St. Louis American, KSDK, Now This is News, St. Louis Public Radio, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch for her advocacy, activism, and community service. She is a 2022 Missouri Mental Health Champion Nominee, 2022 Deluxe Magazine Power 100 Honoree, 2022 Streets to Success Award Recipient, 2021 Mid America Emmy Nominee for a short story highlighting her transition, 2022 Center for Women In Transition Community Partner Award Recipient, 2019 Staying Power Award and 2019 Beautiful Transformation Award Recipient. Check out my EPK or resume for more information. 

Poetry allows her to live in the hearts and souls of everyone she encounters.

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